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Saison Silly

In our second podcast, we drink a Saison from Silly and sit down with Leo Exter to discuss his latest project, Many may know Leo from his work at and Startup Weekend Brussels where he is very supportive of local startups. continues on that theme by addressing a critical issue for a lot of startups: capital.

Leo’s vision is not that of a typical venture capitalist. He’s not looking to build a VC firm that will take big risks and invest in the likes of Facebook (although he admits, it would be great if one of the companies would grow like that!). He is aiming to link individual investors with smaller, early-stage companies that have a viable business but lack appeal for venture capitalists. If an investor is interested in a particular company, they will have an opportunity to invest anything from 500 to 10,000 euros in exchange for equity.

It’s an interesting concept because its goal is to provide funding opportunities for companies that _ought_ to exist, but may never experience the exponential growth that VCs expect (the hockey stick curve).  Ultimately it will be up to the crowd to decide which companies get the essential lifeblood of all startups – cash! The exciting part will be to see which companies make it into each investor’s portfolio.

Take a moment to check out the website and vote on the polls.


Events is a conference taking place in Brussels on 5 October, BUT, they are looking for disruptive startups in the healthcare sector that want the opportunity to pitch. If that’s you, you need to apply by 1 September.

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