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Vacation season may be in full swing, but the number of events for the autumn are increasing, so get ready for a busy season! In this episode of Tech Brew, we drink a bottle of La Rulles Triple and Gilbert sits down with Jean Derely to discuss Woorank, an SEO Website Analysis Tool.

Jean is probably best known as the founder of Betagroup Belgium, but his background is in internet marketing and SEO for websites. While working on improving websites for others, Jean needed to automate the SEO analysis. Realizing that his tool had broader appeal, Woorank was born.

The Woorank website is pretty straight forward. Submit your website URL on the front page and Woorank will execute an extensive set of automated tests, scoring your website out of 100. The accompanying report includes tips on improving your score as well as links to additional information. The best part is that the basic report is free. Where Jean and his team make money is through white labeling of the services. If you are a website developer, you can have a version of Woorank that uses your brand and that you can offer to your customers.

Jean explains more about how the business evolved and some of the latest changes to the site in the podcast.


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  • is a conference taking place in Brussels on 5 October, BUT, they are looking for disruptive startups in the healthcare sector that want the opportunity to pitch. If that’s you, you need to apply by 1 September.


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