Tech Brew Interview Chris Demeyere from MobileVikings

On ‘tap’ this week for our interview, as we sip a Leffe Brune, is Chris Demeyere from MobileVikings. He talks about the meteoric rise of MobileVikings and their latest product, VikingTalk. It’s been a busy few weeks for the folks at MobileVikings, so when Chris was able to give us 30 minutes of his time, we jumped at the chance. And boy was it worth it, we really love Chris’s “just do it” attitude. The interview starts around the 7 minute mark.

If you haven’t heard about MobileVikings, they are a virtual network operator in Belgium, meaning their services run over another operator’s network, in this case KPN Belgium. Unlike traditional mobile operators, MobileVikings’ offer is built around cheap mobile internet… so cheap in fact they give it away! In exchange for topping up a minimum of 15 euros a month, you get 2GB of free internet,  2000 SMSes and calls from €0.14/minute. Since their launch 18 months ago, over 50,000 people in Belgium have signed up to be ‘Vikings’. Quite an accomplishment!

Not resting on their laurels, MobileVikings has been working hard on their next product. Launching Monday (Oct 3), VikingTalk is a VoIP application that will run on mobile devices, regardless of mobile operator. This means that you can use the WiFi (or mobile data) connection to call someone rather than incurring the costs of the mobile network. Yet again this is a first for Belgium.

With VikingTalk, MobileVikings continues to disrupt the mobile market in Belgium. Check out the interview to hear more about VikingTalk, MobileVikings and the inspiration behind being a disruptive company. Also listen for the latest news and upcoming events in Belgium.

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3 comments on “Tech Brew Interview Chris Demeyere from MobileVikings

  1. Joined the vikings today. Absolutely gorgeous 3G performance, with 1 MB/s download, 200k upload, 175ms ping. Could stream YouTube and Skype away without any problems.

    Must say your interview with Chris is what actually drove me to take the leap of faith, even though they were next door to where I work, at Research Campus Hasselt

    Glad to see that the audio quality is improving. Would gladly offer my editing / recording skills if you need help, for the good of the techies in Belgium, specially for 2 fellow expats =)

    Alex, Brazilian expat in Belgium, SW Brussels Alumni

    • You must be the last person in Hasselt to sign up! MV is great.

      I wish I’d given you my affiliate code. Doh.

      Thanks for the offer, we’ll be doing a survey before the next episode to get listener feedback

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