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After a short break, we’re back! Andrew’s got his voice back and Gilbert has recovered from Startup Weekend! It’s still a busy time for events as we wind up 2011, so be sure to check out the events calendar.

This week we are drinking Orval, which is apparently the only beer that is masculine in french. Also in the realm of amazing, Spotify has arrived in Belgium along with Google Street View. Having already created a stir in the media regarding privacy, we couldn’t help but share a couple of stories about Google Street View, including one about the ladies of the night. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

Now that you’re back, time to get to the real story: Djengo. Anissia Tcherniaeff was nice enough to join us to tell us more about their carpooling service. We’ve seen a few of these before, but Anissia and her co-founder think they have found a better solution: work with event organizers and the HR departments of large businesses.

Events bring people. People bring cars. Cars block streets and driveways, cause congestion, pollute, are noisy, etc. As a result, event organizers are under increasing pressure to reduce the impact their events have on local neighborhoods. Enter Djengo. Through a partnership, Djengo and the event organizer can set up a carpooling group for the event. Djengo takes care of the matching and payment sharing, the event organizer helps promote the service, resulting (it is hoped) in a reduction in cars.

For a large company looking for ways to benefit employees, a carpooling partnership can offer some enticing opportunities. By reducing the number of vehicles coming to the office, there are less requirements for parking and less CO2 emissions. Employees could also be offered incentives to carpool as part of their benefits. These incentives would be offset by the reduction in the costs of leased cars.

Traditional approaches to car pooling has been ‘if we build it, they will come.’ Djengo’s realized that their ‘road’ (pun intended) to success must be different. Listen to our interview and see what you think.

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