Tech Brew Interview Pieter Dubois from Paycento

This week we’ve devoted a bigger part of our show to speak with our guest, Pieter Dubois. Pieter loves to talk, but thankfully, he always has something great to say. So stick with us for the full 50 minutes while we discuss Pieter’s first startup, Paycento, startup life as a rollercoaster and working with investors in Belgium.

While sipping a Hopus or three, Pieter explains his new micro-payment company, Paycento, which will be launching their private beta at Betagroup on December 20th.

Have you ever wanted to read an article on a website, but couldn’t until you bought a subscription? Pieter and his co-founder, Geert Roete, believe that this pay-wall model is a barrier to revenue. They are betting that if a consumer could buy just that article, without a heavy subscription process, then the business would realize more revenue.

Of course this is not limited to just online articles, but could be applied to any purchase, such as music, event tickets, food/drinks at events, etc. In essence Paycento’s goal is to help a consumer acquire some ‘thing’ now by lowering the barrier to purchase.  Further, the payments are made via your online social identity (Facebook, Twitter, etc), creating even more separation between your ‘real’ world accounts and this payment tool.

Paycento is more than just a micro-payment platform. They also allow businesses to offer ‘credits’ that can then be spent with that business or its partners/affiliates. Pieter and Geert know they can’t think of every way the Paycento could be used so they built a platform on which third party developers can create their own applications.

Paycento’s sweet spot is between free and transactions that might use Paypal or a credit card. Proton/ChipKnip tried this in the offline world, but Paycento has a much broader opportunity. Their biggest challenge will be to get sufficient traction with businesses and consumers.

Find out more about Paycento and some of Pieter’s thoughts on financing by listening to the interview, complete with our take on the news and upcoming events. You can also stay up-to-date on events by checking out our Events Calendar.

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