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Deus sparkling beer

Happy New Year! We’re back with another great interview. This week we sip some bubbly Deus and hear about the plans for just days before their launch. Co-founder Frédéric (Fred) della Faile and Pierre de Schaetzen joined us to explain the project, the inspiration, and why Fred sold his sports car.

“Between nothing and a blog,” is how Fred describes Checkthis. Born out of a friend’s need to quickly publicize his band without setting up a website, the idea of Checkthis is to enable people to easily create and share a page on the web that can contain videos, photos, text, maps, sounds, and more.

Tumblr with a purpose

The user interface of Checkthis is very easy to navigate. Start a new page, click on the type of content you want to add, insert the text or links to videos, repeat until you’re done, hit publish, and share. You don’t even need to sign up or log in.

After beta testing the product over the last few months, the Checkthis team is ready to launch the latest version. By watching how people were using the site, they were able to figure out how to make Checkthis more useful and intuitive. Already we see how it fills a gap for a lot of people. Not everyone wants a blog, they just need a way to group various media so they can share it.

Tech Brew Episode 011 – Check This by Techbrew on Mixcloud

In our interview you will learn more about, find out which brand is the Coldplay of beer, and discover upcoming events in Belgium. Enjoy!

Quick update: The new version of is live and they have been TechCrunched