Tech Brew Interview Grant Snap

Cuvée du Vieil AubelEvery entrepreneur knows that finding a source of funds is probably the hardest part of starting a company. You already have the idea, you have the ambition, you may even have people you want to work with. But how do you pay for it all? One solution is to apply for grants.

Every year, €375 billion is granted throughout the EU. However, the application process often takes a long time and effort. Enter Co-founded by Scott Wagers,  Vladimir Blagojevic and Jonne Deprez, Grant Snap’s goal is to ease the overall process and provide an interface for coordinators, people who manage the submissions from various people.  By breaking the process down into “clear, actionable steps,” the online tool coordinates the gathering of the information necessary for a grant application.

Having recently won  the fall session of the Founder’s Institute, Vlad and Jonne Deprez sat down with us to talk about the project, funding, challenges, and the business model. And of course we enjoyed a nice beer in the process, a Cuvée du Vieil Aubel from Eastern Belgium.

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