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3 Schteng

3 Schteng

In this episode we sit back and sip a beer from the eastern cantons called, “3 Schténg,” while talking with Jérome Cordiez of Lovely Charts. As an alternative to Microsoft’s Visio, Lovely Charts really focuses on improving the user experience and producing, … lovely charts.

According to Jerome, “UX should include fun and desirability,” and he applies that in his latest version of Lovely Charts, an iPad app. Targeted at people who just want a quick way to diagram something, Jerome’s focused on getting the application out of your way. You want a square? draw it with your finger. A circle? same thing.  Drag them around to the place you want, join them together, and more.

Beyond Lovely Charts, Jerome also opened up a bit about his experience with the App Store. The Lovely Charts iPad app hit a high after a few tech media outlets picked it up. However, it takes a lot of work to sustain it. As he says in the interview, “I can’t imagine that the majority of apps are profitable. It’s really a winner takes all world.”

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Tech Brew Episode 14 – Lovely Charts by Techbrew on Mixcloud

Here’s a demonstration of the app at work.

Lovely Charts for iPad from Jerome Cordiez on Vimeo.

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