We’re Going Pro

Blue SnowballAs our long suffering listeners will know, we don’t always have the best sound quality here on Tech Brew. It’s a common complaint on all new podcasts. Up until now it has all been recorded on an iPad using the built in mic.

But today we’re recording our first episode with our new microphone. We’ve done a few tests and we like the results.

So Dear listener,  Tech Brew is about to get a whole lot easier on the ear. And we’re testing it out on the lovely people from Wondergraphs later today.

But before that, that we’ll publish WooRank Redux, a recent interview that we did with Jean Derely about the positive changes on the company’s revenue after changing their freemium model.

And for all episodes we’re now moving to an interview  only model, but don’t worry, you’ll can still get all your events news over on the calendar page.