Tech Brew Interview WooRank Redux

Episode originally recorded on 23 March 2012

In the Belgian startup scene, a lot of people know Jean Derely as the founder of Betagroup. He is also the co-founder of WooRank, a popular website that reviews your website and provides recommendations on SEO, mobile, usability, and more.

In our most recent interview with Jean, we drank some lovely Canaille while he told us about the latest changes at WooRank: moving from (mostly) free to paid usage. A lot of startups struggle with the balance between the need for a sufficiently large user-base and the need for cash to support those users. WooRank was no different, except that they made a conscious decision to let it grow while they focused on other activities. The challenge WooRank faced was how to convert their large user base into paid users?

Jean tells us about the process they took to get to this point, why they re-wrote the software, and who won their bet on first day conversions. Check out the podcast to hear more from Jean and about upcoming events in Belgium.