Tech Brew Interview

Episode originally recorded on 27 April 2012

In this episode, we decided to be a bit more adventurous with our beer choice, so we drank Kriek Boon. It was neither terribly bitter nor sweet, which suited us perfectly, as well as our guest, Toon Vanagt, one half of the team. was conceived at the first Brussels Startup Weekend (read Gilbert’s thoughts on Startup Weekends) where Toon met his co-founder Eric Rodriguez. Their aim is to make information about businesses more transparent and  accessible to anyone. Each year  businesses  file documents with the government including new business registrations, financial statements, bankruptcies, shareholder movements and other data of interest to companies looking to better understand their competitors.

These records are in the public domain, but they are disparate, difficult to access and not designed for companies that need to access information as its lifeblood. Toon and Eric’s vision is to liberate that data and make it more accessible in one place. Users of the service can  also set watches that will alert you to new registrations, updated information, and more.

Listen to our interview with Toon to understand more about what offers and the challenges he and Eric face in disrupting the status quo. Also be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium!