Tech Brew Interview TagTagCity

You may have seen tags just like this one spring up on building and monuments all over Belgium this Summer. These tags are the brainchild of TagTagCity and are available for any organisation trying to develop a social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) strategy. And the tags aren’t just applicable to organisations. Any entity within an organisation can have a tag making TagTagCity a key player  in the realisation of the “Internet of Things”.

PalmI speak to co-founder, Stijn Vander Plaetse, about their customer acquisition strategy, how they can help small shops take the leap to having a presence on the web by going straight to mobile and their plans to create a major platform that others can build upon.

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    • It’s available of Apple?

      Joking aside, Google Maps has no presence in the physical world. Tag Tag City start out with the physical tag placed on a location or entity and that links back to some content on the web. So you’ll be able to view a mini site on your phone or a directory entry on the website.

      Also maps relate to items with an address. The tags can be placed on anything. Statues with in a park, pictures within a gallery, a section of a department store.

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