Tech Brew Interview D-Sight

We’re constantly making decisions, but these are typically small, what-to-eat-for-dinner type decisions which don’t require a lot of thought. But what about the decision to build a new bridge? Or how to respond to a health care crisis? These types of scenarios involve a lot of data which needs to be evaluated to make an informed decision. This is where D-Sight‘s software can help.

Based on methodologies developed in Belgium, D-Sight offers desktop and web-based software which provides a structured way for organizations to evaluate their data to find the best decision. The organization must outline the criteria for the decision and the relative importance for each variable, which the software then uses to formulate a decision. More importantly, the software also highlights the ‘stability’ of the decision, meaning how susceptible the decision is to changing if some of the criteria varied.

We spoke with Hugo Pereira, D-Sight’s marketing manager, to get a better understanding of this two year old company and to share a few bottles of Deux Nigauds. During our time with Hugo, we discussed the methodology, the use cases (e.g. Canadian Ministry of Health), how university spin-offs are structured, their transparent pricing model, and much more.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium.