Tech Brew Interview iCourses

Online learning is a hot topic these days with lots of hype about sites such as Udacity, Sebastian Thrun’s latest venture, and the Khan Academy. What if you want to do something a bit more focused and more hands-on? You get the theory, but you are having trouble translating theory into practice? This is where iCourses fills the gap.

Created by co-founders Ramon Suarez, Pascale Van Den Driessche, and Mateusz Kukulka, features courses which are “based on the professional knowledge that our teachers use in their daily jobs.” They recognized the need for something more interactive based on their experience with clients. For example, people understood the need to embrace social media for their business, but lacked the expertise on how to implement a cohesive strategy. So they built courses to help individuals, and companies, get the necessary experience.

This episode, we drink a Lupulus Brune while we interview Ramon about the idea, the challenges, and the impact online education is having in the world today. Andrew and Ramon also get pretty … errr… philosophical about whether or not online education makes sense. It’s a lively debate about education which we’re sure many of you have opinions about.

Enjoy the discussion and feel free to share your thoughts here about online education. Do you think it will be successful? Why or why not? Discuss.

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