Tech Brew Interview with Kukoo

Tijs Vrolix

It’s our season finale!

Time to celebrate the end of the year with Tijs Vrolix, Kukoo Mail, and FREE Beer!

Tijs has been working on ideas to improve his productivity for years.  His latest project, Kukoo Mail, aims to improve your productivity by removing one of the distractions in your day: checking email.

We’ve become addicted to email. We check email frequently and act surprised if we didn’t receive any. But if we do receive email, it is as if we have been rewarded for checking. The feeling is even stronger if the email is important. This reinforces our behaviour, just as if we’ve been trained like a dog.

Not only did our behaviour as receivers change, but the “sender got too much control and expects you to read your email all the time.” Today it requires too much attention and results in loss of productivity.

To break this habit, Tijs designed Kukoo mail to delay email so it is delivered when you want to receive it.

Learn more about Kukoo, Single Tasking, Pomodoro  in today’s interview. We paired this interview with FREE Beer provided by Francois Bayart and his Linux User Group.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium.