Brew Work City

2013-01-11 16.38.09

Regular listeners to the podcast know that we’re made up of three key ingredients. Startups, beer and a dash coworking.

We discover most of the embryonic startups we interview through places like the BetaGroup coworking space and the events they host.

Well things aren’t so different over here in New York where I’ve been spending the past few months. And the good news is that American beer has come on leaps and bounds and it’s no longer difficult to find a decent beer. But imagine my great delight when they installed this gizmo at New Work City, one of the coworking spaces I’ve been frequenting during my stay.

It’s called a keginator and you hook it up to kegs of your favourite beer. That’s right, they now have draught beer on tap right here in the kitchen at NWC. It’s a pretty cool set up with two beer taps and a dedicated seltzer tap to keep you sensible and productive during the working hours.

So if you’re one of the increasing number of Belgian startups heading West looking to forge links with companies and investors over in the USA I can highly recommend NWC as a port of call whether it’s for a spot of coworking or to attend one of the many events they host.

And if you do visit, make sure you  say hi to these friendly guys, Tony Bacigalupo and Peter Chislett who keep the wheels turning. Who knows, they might even offer you a beer. Cheers.