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IMG_3497Welcome to 2013 and our first podcast of the year! Last year was full of passionate people pursuing their ideas and this year promises no less! We kick off the year interviewing the winner of Startup Weekend Liège, Jean-Marc Poncelet, about his company,

Last year Belgium hosted two Startup Weekends, one in Mons and the other in Liège. We were able to join the teams in Mons for a day and posted some videos, but we were not able to make it to Liège. So we asked Jean-Marc to come to us instead.

When Jean-Marc set out for the Startup Weekend he had no real expectations for the event, just that he wanted to try something different. During the pitch night, he found two others who wanted to improve the appearance of their local neighborhoods, an idea which resonated with Jean-Marc. Months earlier, Jean-Marc started photographing problems in his neighborhood and uploading them to Twitter and Facebook.

IMG_3495The idea was to provide a tool which would link issues spotted by citizens and reported via their smartphones, with local councils who are responsible for addressing them. See a pothole? Or a pile of trash? Take a picture and upload it to The smartphone application geolocates the photograph before uploading and, once posted, the local council is notified. The council then uses the application to update the issue, manage it, etc.

Jean-Marc believes so strongly in this concept that he’s left his job to work on full time. Each council they speak with provides them with positive feedback, they’re just looking for the first committed buyer.

Tune into the podcast to learn more about, the team, and the battle with compromise.  This podcast pairs nicely with a Rochefort 8°!

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium.

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