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Vincent Theete - Westvleteren 12

Keeping track of inventory is a challenge for any business. If your business is large enough, an investment in asset tracking systems is merited. But for smaller businesses, such systems can be cost prohibitive. Cheqroom aims to fill that need by leveraging smartphones and QR codes.

Vincent Theeten conceived of the idea for Cheqroom when managing the IT assets for a small company in West Flanders. He found there was a lack of affordable tools to accomplish what he needed, so he decided to build one. He combined forces with two other developers to build Bitmunks and built the first version, securing that vital first customer.

Building their customer base has also demonstrated their innovative approach to customer acquisition. They found a niche with kayak rental companies and pursued it via a postcard campaign. Why kayak rentals? Because they need to be able to check out and check in the equipment from different locations, a key scenario for a mobile, SaaS based inventory tracking application. Now with a few customers under their belts, they are adding new features and looking to grow.

Vincent Theete - Gilbert WestIn our interview, Vincent shares some challenges building a business away from the innovation hubs, finding customers, balancing consulting work with building a product, and more. He was also very kind and brought us a box of Westvleteren 12 complete with glasses! What a guy!

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium.

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  1. Thanks TechBrew!
    In the meantime CHEQROOM has evolved to an asset management platform that solves equipment related problems in different industries.
    Our customers include construction companies, equipment manufacturers, IT companies and even charity foundations.

    CHEQROOM aims to become the leading platform in managing equipment related information.

    We’re actively developing new features such as notifications, maintenance and repair and will launch very soon scheduling of equipment and availability monitoring.

    • Glad to hear that things have progressed and that you are branching out to new sectors. Well done. It’s a great product.

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