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“You’re always one click away from being uninstalled!”

This is the sobering answer that Paul Davies from gave as to why companies should care about better user experience. If you lose the app user, you lose the direct line that you have with that user that can help build and improve the relationship.

That’s what is all about. The Antwerp based startup gives app developers and owners with the opportunity to continually test and get feedback about the usability of their app. Their tools can be embedded into most apps, allowing you to test in the wild, across a multitude of devices, under real, not lab, conditions.

In this lively interview we discuss lean usability with Jan Moons and Paul Davies, founders of and Andrew gets hot under the collar about the Lufthansa app.

We recommend pairing this episode with Marckloff, brewed at La Ferme au Chene in Durby. Enjoy!

Marckloff Beer from La Ferme au Chene, Durbuy

Marckloff Beer from La Ferme au Chene, Durbuy

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