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Raf Weverbergh - Cuvee des Trolls

This episode was originally recorded in March 2013. Since then Raf has continued, started and Raf created a startup of his own,

If you follow technology startup news, then you are probably familiar with the likes of TechCrunch, ReadWrite and Engadget. Although each provides news about startups around the world, they are heavily focused on the US startup scene. What about providing similar news and opinion sites for Europe? Is there a demand for this type of site? Raf Weverbergh set up Whiteboard to find out.

When we started Tech Brew two years ago (wow, time flies!), it was to showcase Belgian startups to people outside Belgium. We still believe this and also think Belgian (and European) businesses need more cheerleaders. It is great to see startups like Twitspark, Storify, and others making a name for themselves in the US, but it is disappointing they needed to leave Belgium in the first place.

Raf also saw a need to showcase the European business environment. There was a gap in the market: a lack of sites dedicated to European innovation and business. Each country had their own financial reporting in their local language(s), but it was impossible to find a pan-European site. Some coverage would come from US- or UK-based magazines/websites, however it wasn’t their focus. So, after 12 years working at Humo, Raf resigned and started up Whiteboard to fill that gap.

Raf Weverbergh - Gilbert WestFive months later, with 40k unique visitors per month, Raf sat down to speak with us about his business assumptions, the challenges of making money from online content, the evolution of business models, and more. We paired this interview with a Cuvée des Trolls.

Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our calendar for upcoming events in Belgium.

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