If you can’t find €10 to attend Betagroup, how the f*ck will you finance your business?

As many of you may be aware, BetaGroup recently moved to a pay per event model and an annual subscription model for entrance to the monthly meetups. This is common elsewhere in the world and I’m not arguing the pros and cons of a paid vs free model here. But come on people, if you can’t stump up the price of a pizza to be able to attend an event with several hundred who will be helpful to you in the success of your early stage startup then I don’t see how your venture will ever get off the ground.

You have to work at it a bit, things don;t just fall into your lap, but if you do stand up, speak out and network effectively there you can get any of the following:

  • find team members
  • find suppliers
  • recruit testers
  • get new customers
  • connect with journalists
  • connect with investors
  • widen your network
  • get feedback on your idea from people that have been there
  • free beer
  • grow some ambition
  • get the support of your peers

The current situation is what it is. Sign up and or pay the cash on the door per event. Students go for free.

I am not affiliated with BetaGroup, this is just my personal observation. And I’m interested in seeing how BetaGroup may have to change to offer clear value to paying members.

2 comments on “If you can’t find €10 to attend Betagroup, how the f*ck will you finance your business?

  1. Basically you would pay 10€ to hear people pitch their products. Which is weird. But that would be worth it if you can learn from them and/or do some networking.

    So it would become a different kind of event. Until now, the venues and the format do not fit a pay-event IMO. Do they have plans to change that?

    I’m not sure I would be comfortable paying for Nestup, Solvay or Betagroup events though. It’s nice to support starters, to encourage them, to chat with them, to share, sometimes even to give them advise if you’re savvy in their field. Heck, I have exchanged business cards a couple of times but I had no “business” in mind.

    I don’t go to there to learn how to launch my business but to see positive energy in action. An entry fee seems awkward.

    • I don’t think people go for the pitches so they wouldn’t be paying for that. And let’s face it, that wouldn’t work.

      Good point about the venue, but whenever they have held the event somewhere more salubrious it’s always been difficult to hear the pitches because people stand and chat at the bar. One exception was when it was held at the VUB.

      I can see why, if you’re there as a supporter, it might be difficult to justify the cost, but as a freelancer II’m sure you could find it useful for discovering new opportunities. After all, it’s not just startups that go there.

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