Tech Brew Interview with MuseStyle

TechBrew is a new online fashion platform which helps women identify and purchase the latest fashions. We interviewed Sarah Levin Weinberg, co-founder, about how they got started and their challenges.

MuseStyle was co-founded by award-winning fashion designer Cathy Pill, and Sarah Levin Weinberg, a specialist in digital marketing. The fashion startup aims to “connect women with brands.” To do this, they’ve built an online retail platform and database which is fully integrated with several suppliers.

The MuseStyle platform allows shoppers to browse recent styles identified by any one of a number of “muses,” people who are considered influential in fashion. Once a muse discovers an outfit or accessory they like, the MuseStyle team works at identifying the actual products and brands used and matches them with their supplier’s database. Thus someone, looking at a photo on MuseStyle featuring the latest jacket from Gucci, can immediately click on the image and buy that product.

TechBrew Ep33 interview

The allure of MuseStyle however is they also identify similar products at varying price levels. Cathy and Sarah’s vision is to make fashion accessible to women of all income levels. Even though someone can’t afford the Gucci jacket doesn’t mean they can’t match the style.

It’s really important for founders to know their assets and limits. Make sure the team is full of complementary people. (22m10s)

To bring all this together requires technology and people. They recognize they can’t do it all themselves and have been bringing in team members from various places to fill out their needs. Although they are just over a year old now, they’ve learned a lot in that time.

Saison de Dottignies

Saison de Dottignies (De Ranke) in a FunKey cup!

Sarah shares more about their business, lessons learned, challenges, and much more in the podcast. She also shared her experience with the MIC Boostcamp and how the accelerator helped them. Despite our lack of fashion sense, we enjoyed learning more about the industry and MuseStyle’s place in it. We think you’ll enjoy it too.

We paired this episode with a couple of bottles of Saison de Dottignies from De Ranke Brewery. It was refreshing and the right beer to kick off our mega recording session.  Thanks to the FunKey Hotel for hosting us in their conference room and plying us with coffee. We needed it!

 Get Inspired. Click. And Shop. (28m45s)

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