Tech Brew Interview with GetSmily – Part 1

David HachezWhat began as a research project in a lab at the Université catholique de Louvain has now flourished into a fresh analytics startup thanks to a meeting of two Davids. One the coder and visual detection specialist, the other the marketer and previous entrepreneur.

In this two part interview, we speak with David Hachez about his latest project, Get Smily, which helps web site owners make much better online experiences by tapping directly into the emotional responses of the users. Emolytics as David calls it.

Dark Sister

Dark Sister

We find out all about the experience of creating a university spin-off, the process and support mechanisms in place for that and just what exactly marketers can find out about how their users feel when navigating their websites.

Then in Part 2, we move swiftly to the question of investment, exits and a different beer.


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Company Twitter: @getsmily