GetSmily – Part 2, “It’s not an exit, it’s an entrance”

La FumetteThis is part 2 of the Get Smily interview with David Hachez. It makes sense to listen to part 1, but … it’s up to you.

In part 1 of the interview we really focussed on the product and the kind of information marketers can derive from emotional analytics. We thought there was a logical break at this point as the questions quickly turned to investment. We also swapped from drinking Dark Sister to La Fumette at exactly the same point.

So in part 1 of the interview, we’d just reached the point where Andrew asked David, “What’s your exit strategy?”. Quite a question for a project that had not at that stage formed a company and had barely launched.

GetSmily Interview

Let’s see what he answered while throwing Elon Musk and sausage flavoured beer into the mix!

Company Website:

Company Twitter: @getsmily