Good Bye From Tech Brew

Well that’s it folks. The last episode of Tech Brew is in the can.

It’s been fun. Thanks to all the interviewees and listeners and good luck with your startups.

We’re in the process of archiving the site now and the audio player on each episode no longer connects to the right audio file.

If you want any of the MP3s you can get them all here on Dropbox and you can still read all 36 episodes right here.


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4 comments on “Good Bye From Tech Brew

  1. Thanks a lot Gilbert and Andrew for all the episodes and great stories. I really had a great moment the 2 times you invited us, great souvenir. Thanks for the kind words, that means a lot to me.


    • Thanks, it was fun while it lasted and we learned so much with every episode. Go get em GetSmily.

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