About Tech Brew

Are you interested in business and technology? Do you want to know more about technology in Belgium? There is a lot of great tech happening in Belgium, but it’s not easy to find. Information is spread across multiple sites and languages, making it a challenge to know what is really going on. TechBrew.be makes the information more accessible through a podcast and our website.

We decided to focus on the Belgian tech scene because it is really starting to emerge from the shadows. The innovation has always been there, it simply lacked exposure. Today there are a number of sites that promote startups, but few focus on Belgium or the wider technology scene. We also wanted to make the information more than just words on a website, so we decided on a podcast.

In the podcast, we discuss recent technology news and announce upcoming events in Belgium. We also feature an interview with a Belgian technology company, focusing on early stage companies. And it wouldn’t be Belgium if we didn’t have a beer on hand; each episode will feature a different beer. We are both quite different personalities, with quite different backgrounds, which should provide for some interesting discussions and debates!

Your Hosts

Andrew Matheson
Andrew started out his career coding with languages that required memory allocation on systems that didn’t use a mouse or touchpad. Since then the internet was invented. Today he is responsible for a team of consultants that implement and support his employer’s software solutions in the Telecommunications and IT help desk industries. Andrew is blessed with an opinion on just about everything, so talking about technology comes naturally. He goes by the handle @massin on Twitter.

Gilbert West
Gilbert makes stuff on the web and has been doing so since since 1999. Product development at Green Crowding and coaching at the MIC Boostcamp keep him busy now. He is also a former co-organiser of Start Up Weekend Brussels. He goes by the handle @blueclock on Twitter.