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Congratulations QwerTeach

So MIC Boostcamp 5, where I was the lead coach, is now over for a few more months. Congratulations to QwerTeach on winning the Grand Prix. Thanks also to Andrew who also offered his time to help the Boostcampers. We’ll be back next week with a full interview of another startup beginning with Q, the […]

Give me a place to stand

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” – Archimedes, ( bloody ages ago ) Good old Archimedes, always trying to move something. 10 out of 10 for effort, but he would probably have had a lot more success if he’d had a little help from […]

Dear BetaGroup, We Love You Just the Way You Are

Ay ay ay ay ay. So Jean Derely is stepping down from BetaGroup. Ramón Suárez, the new “face” of the BetaGroup wrote a very fitting tribute to the well loved Jean, Thank You Jean But while it was maybe a shock for some people to hear that Jean was leaving, the people now running the BetaGroup have […]

Give a Belgian Startup a Christmas Present

The Europas Tech awards are taking place in Berlin this coming January and there are a number of Belgian startups listed under the peoples’ choice category that I’m sure would be very grateful for your support and more importantly votes. Here’s the list in alphabetical order.

Selection of Video Vignettes From Startup Weekend Mons

Startup Weekend Mons was a great success. More than 30 pitches were presented on Friday night with eight teams coming together to build their business in 54 hours. By the end of the day Sunday, all eight teams remained and pitched their business in front of the panel. In the hours before the final pitch, […]

New Startup Weekends Announced

If you’re a regular listener of Tech Brew, you’ll know that Andrew and I are great fans of Startup Weekend. A whole slew of Startup Weekends are being organised in Belgium over the next 6 months and registration is now open for the first 2 events in Mons and Liège So what are you waiting for? Subscribe before […]

Startup Weekend Brussels – An Inside Perspective

OR,  How many arm chair commentators does it take to completely and utterly miss the point? A common response to a lot of high profile contemporary art is, “My eight year old kid could have done that.” or “I’ve got a camera, if I had the time I could take better pictures than that.” Yeah. […]