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Good Bye From Tech Brew

Recorded on : 17-07-2014

Well that’s it folks. The last episode of Tech Brew is in the can. It’s been fun. Thanks to all the interviewees and listeners and good luck with your startups. We’re in the process of archiving the site now and the audio player on each episode no longer connects to the right audio file. If […]

Tech Brew Interview with GetSmily – Part 1

Recorded on : 25-04-2014

What began as a research project in a lab at the Université catholique de Louvain has now flourished into a fresh analytics startup thanks to a meeting of two Davids. One the coder and visual detection specialist, the other the marketer and previous entrepreneur. In this two part interview, we speak with David Hachez about his latest […]

GetSmily – Part 2, “It’s not an exit, it’s an entrance”

Recorded on : 25-04-2014

This is part 2 of the Get Smily interview with David Hachez. It makes sense to listen to part 1, but … it’s up to you. In part 1 of the interview we really focussed on the product and the kind of information marketers can derive from emotional analytics. We thought there was a logical […]

Tech Brew Interview with Mustr

Recorded on : 25-04-2014

Mustr helps PR agencies and companies better organize their network of journalists and bloggers. We welcomed back Raf Weverbergh to tell us more about Mustr and how it works. Every company and PR agency manages their own lists of contacts, such as the names and addresses of journalists and bloggers. When a company hires a PR agency, […]

Tech Brew Interview with MuseStyle

Recorded on : 25-04-2014 is a new online fashion platform which helps women identify and purchase the latest fashions. We interviewed Sarah Levin Weinberg, co-founder, about how they got started and their challenges. MuseStyle was co-founded by award-winning fashion designer Cathy Pill, and Sarah Levin Weinberg, a specialist in digital marketing. The fashion startup aims to “connect women with brands.” To do this, […]

Tech Brew Interview with Pull Review ( Redux )

Recorded on : 05-07-2013

Software is created by humans and humans always have scope for improvement. Performing code reviews is one way to improve software, but they are often seen as time consuming and disruptive. What if your code review could be automated? That’s where PullReview comes in. Code reviews are important. If you’re a software developer, then you’ve […]

Tech Brew Interview with Qustomer

Recorded on : 12-07-2013

Do you get sick of carrying a bunch of loyalty cards around that bloat your wallet and that you end up forgetting to use most of the time? offer you a unified loyalty card where you can collect all of your points and track your rewards on your smartphone. And if you don’t have […]

Interview with Leo Exter from Hack For Health

Recorded on : 01-04-2014

Have you always wanted to join a startup, but lack a solid, credible idea? Or tired of solving the same problems at hackathons? Hack for Health may be your answer. On Tech Brew, we’ve spoken a number of times about how much we like weekend startup events. They are fun, safe environments to experiment with […]

Tech Brew Interview with

Recorded on : 14-06-2013

“You’re always one click away from being uninstalled!” This is the sobering answer that Paul Davies from gave as to why companies should care about better user experience. If you lose the app user, you lose the direct line that you have with that user that can help build and improve the relationship. That’s […]

Tech Brew Interview with

Recorded on : 19-03-2013

Keeping track of inventory is a challenge for any business. If your business is large enough, an investment in asset tracking systems is merited. But for smaller businesses, such systems can be cost prohibitive. Cheqroom aims to fill that need by leveraging smartphones and QR codes. Vincent Theeten conceived of the idea for Cheqroom when […]

Tech Brew Interview with Whiteboard

Recorded on : 22-03-2013

This episode was originally recorded in March 2013. Since then Raf has continued, started and Raf created a startup of his own, If you follow technology startup news, then you are probably familiar with the likes of TechCrunch, ReadWrite and Engadget. Although each provides news about startups around the world, they are […]

Tech Brew Interview with

Traditional organisations are managed from the top-down: management defines the vision, the  strategy to attain the vision, and (hopefully) aligns the company to deliver on the strategy. But even great leaders can’t know everything: there is tremendous knowledge and experience to be found throughout the company. The trick is how to tap into this resource. One […]

Tech Brew Interview with

Welcome to 2013 and our first podcast of the year! Last year was full of passionate people pursuing their ideas and this year promises no less! We kick off the year interviewing the winner of Startup Weekend Liège, Jean-Marc Poncelet, about his company, Last year Belgium hosted two Startup Weekends, one in Mons and […]

Tech Brew Interview with Kukoo

It’s our season finale! Time to celebrate the end of the year with Tijs Vrolix, Kukoo Mail, and FREE Beer! Tijs has been working on ideas to improve his productivity for years.  His latest project, Kukoo Mail, aims to improve your productivity by removing one of the distractions in your day: checking email.

Tech Brew Interview with Soonfeed

Virtual events is a growing industry which is forecasted to become an $18.6b market between 2013 and 2018. Unlike physical events, online happenings are not necessarily limited to a local geography. But how do you find out about what online events are coming up? That’s the role of “Billions of moments online everyday, but few […]

Tech Brew Interview iCourses

Online learning is a hot topic these days with lots of hype about sites such as Udacity, Sebastian Thrun’s latest venture, and the Khan Academy. What if you want to do something a bit more focused and more hands-on? You get the theory, but you are having trouble translating theory into practice? This is where […]

Tech Brew Interview D-Sight

We’re constantly making decisions, but these are typically small, what-to-eat-for-dinner type decisions which don’t require a lot of thought. But what about the decision to build a new bridge? Or how to respond to a health care crisis? These types of scenarios involve a lot of data which needs to be evaluated to make an […]

Tech Brew Interview – Meal Queen

Have a dinner party coming up but you don’t have time to figure out the menu or shop? might be the answer you’re looking for. We spoke to co-founder Rafaela Sebestyen about MealQueen and their road to launching the business. Rafaela and her co-founder had a vision to enhance the cooking experience. Their theory […]

Tech Brew Interview TagTagCity

You may have seen tags just like this one spring up on building and monuments all over Belgium this Summer. These tags are the brainchild of TagTagCity and are available for any organisation trying to develop a social, local, mobile (SoLoMo) strategy. And the tags aren’t just applicable to organisations. Any entity within an organisation can […]

Tech Brew Interview Wondergraphs

Every beer has a history. In part that’s what makes the variety of beer in Belgium so fascinating. At least that’s our justification: research and … err… development!  This week, as we sampled two beers, Brice (blonde) and Joup (brown), we learned a bit about the history of Hombourg* and spoke with Dirk Stevens and Kim Gressens […]

Tech Brew Interview Sybil

At the beginning of a software project or startup, you are typically a handful of people. Working side-by-side, you learn about each person’s strengths and weaknesses, leaning on each other as needed. But what do you do when you are working with a bigger team and don’t know everyone’s talents? Sybil, a new application by […]

Tech Brew Interview

Episode originally recorded on 27 April 2012 In this episode, we decided to be a bit more adventurous with our beer choice, so we drank Kriek Boon. It was neither terribly bitter nor sweet, which suited us perfectly, as well as our guest, Toon Vanagt, one half of the team. was conceived at the first […]

Tech Brew Interview WooRank Redux

Episode originally recorded on 23 March 2012 In the Belgian startup scene, a lot of people know Jean Derely as the founder of Betagroup. He is also the co-founder of WooRank, a popular website that reviews your website and provides recommendations on SEO, mobile, usability, and more. In our most recent interview with Jean, we drank some […]

Tech Brew Interview Lovely Charts

In this episode we sit back and sip a beer from the eastern cantons called, “3 Schténg,” while talking with Jérome Cordiez of Lovely Charts. As an alternative to Microsoft’s Visio, Lovely Charts really focuses on improving the user experience and producing, … lovely charts. According to Jerome, “UX should include fun and desirability,” and […]

Tech Brew Interview Grant Snap

Every entrepreneur knows that finding a source of funds is probably the hardest part of starting a company. You already have the idea, you have the ambition, you may even have people you want to work with. But how do you pay for it all? One solution is to apply for grants. Every year, €375 […]

Tech Brew Interview Checkthis

Happy New Year! We’re back with another great interview. This week we sip some bubbly Deus and hear about the plans for just days before their launch. Co-founder Frédéric (Fred) della Faile and Pierre de Schaetzen joined us to explain the project, the inspiration, and why Fred sold his sports car. “Between nothing and a blog,” […]

Tech Brew Interview Vladimir Blagojevic of Lean Startup Circle Brussels

Last night, ( 22nd December 2011 ) was the inaugural meeting of the Lean Startup Circle Brussels. As Andrew and I were both attending anyway and as it was the Tech Brew recording day, we decided to interview Vladimir Blagojevic who set up the group. This is our first video interview. Enjoy. And if you’re curious about […]

Tech Brew Interview Pieter Dubois from Paycento

This week we’ve devoted a bigger part of our show to speak with our guest, Pieter Dubois. Pieter loves to talk, but thankfully, he always has something great to say. So stick with us for the full 50 minutes while we discuss Pieter’s first startup, Paycento, startup life as a rollercoaster and working with investors […]

Tech Brew Interview Djengo

In which we learn that Orval is a masculine beer, we discuss the arrival of Google Streetview in Belgium and mention ladies of the night. In the interview, Anissia Tcherniaeff tells us all about Djengo, the new company that might just solve the conundrum of carpooling.

Tech Brew Interview Prezly

One vocally challenged host and one very tired host still coming down from Startup Weekend make for a nice short episode this week. Gilbert give a quick overview of the plans for the podcast then cracks open a few Chimay Tripel and goes straight into the interview with Frederik and Gijs from They are […]

Tech Brew Interview The Belgian Webmission

Do we need another global navigation system? Do we need another web programming language? In this episode Andrew and Gilbert pontificate about the launch of the Galileo satellites, the launch of Google’s new language, DART and both wonder if they will be able to get some Westvleteren down at the local Colruyt. All this and […]

Tech Brew Interview Chris Demeyere from MobileVikings

On ‘tap’ this week for our interview, as we sip a Leffe Brune, is Chris Demeyere from MobileVikings. He talks about the meteoric rise of MobileVikings and their latest product, VikingTalk. It’s been a busy few weeks for the folks at MobileVikings, so when Chris was able to give us 30 minutes of his time, we jumped […]

Tech Brew Interview Mobilosoft

This week, while we sip our St. Bernardus 8, we discuss mobile internet and e-commerce with Georges-Alexandre Hanin and Jef Waumans from Mobilosoft. Mobilosoft was founded on the idea that brick-and-mortar stores need an affordable mobile presence. The reason they need this is because mobile devices account for half of the local searches (Infographic of statistics) […]

Tech Brew Interview Ramón Suárez from the Founder Institute

In episode #4 of Tech Brew, we drink Chimay Bleu, one of the six Belgian Trappist beers, and Gilbert chats with Ramón Suárez about the Founder Institute. The Founder Institute is an intensive 4 month program designed to help someone with a business idea turn it into a reality. The goal is to provide a “network of […]

Tech Brew Interview WooRank

Recorded on : 12-08-2011

Vacation season may be in full swing, but the number of events for the autumn are increasing, so get ready for a busy season! In this episode of Tech Brew, we drink a bottle of La Rulles Triple and Gilbert sits down with Jean Derely to discuss Woorank, an SEO Website Analysis Tool. Jean is […]

Tech Brew Interview

In our second podcast, we drink a Saison from Silly and sit down with Leo Exter to discuss his latest project, Many may know Leo from his work at and Startup Weekend Brussels where he is very supportive of local startups. continues on that theme by addressing a critical issue for a lot of […]

Tech Brew Interview Davy Kestens from

Recorded on : 02-07-2011

This week, our inaugural podcast, we share our first impressions of Google+, Google’s latest foray into the the world of social networks; drink a bottle of Ciney; and chat with Davy Kestens about his latest project, Some of the sites mentioned in episode 001 are: News – Google’s Social network – New […]