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15 Great Events And Groups To Join This Autumn

There’s an impressive array of events happening over the next few weeks in Belgium. If you’re looking for ideas or team members for your startup they are a great place to network and move things forward. If you’re already working on an idea … don’t go to too many events. Stay focused on your idea. […]

Tech Brew Interview with Soonfeed

Virtual events is a growing industry which is forecasted to become an $18.6b market between 2013 and 2018. Unlike physical events, online happenings are not necessarily limited to a local geography. But how do you find out about what online events are coming up? That’s the role of “Billions of moments online everyday, but few […]

Tech Brew Interview Djengo

In which we learn that Orval is a masculine beer, we discuss the arrival of Google Streetview in Belgium and mention ladies of the night. In the interview, Anissia Tcherniaeff tells us all about Djengo, the new company that might just solve the conundrum of carpooling.